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Welcome to the Theatre of Marcellus.


3D computer model of the Theatre of Marcellus.It has been a fairly time consuming reconstruction of mine based on old drawings and the remnants of the original Theatre. I can be contacted here
Either Click on an image from the slideshow on the left, or click area you want to visit on the transparent image on the right-most hotspots are on the left half. Alternatively take the walkthrough below. EXIT brings you back here.

See the animated walkthroughs Entrance,  Arcade,  Plebianlevel   ,Patricianlevel,  Podium and NEW Stage and Fly-in and Stage view with Realplayer

Ancientsites still lives, the index at the bottom of this page now links to the old site
Visit the new AncientSites, at

UPDATES New Stage and Fly-in and Stage view animations, new ones in the pipeline now, and the awesome Temple of Fortuna Primagenia NOW OPEN 29 Nov 2001.

26 April 2002 - NEW - Temple of Vesta being developed.

Check back regularly for updates! Animations made now!


The legendary Caesarea Harbour is now completed! Follow this link

See the Temple of Vesta - now under construction here


You are standing outside Marcellus' beautiful Theatre, one of the first stone theatres built in Rome, echoing the Greek Theatres but built freestanding using complex Roman engineering as its foundation.
Listen to the shows of the arena courtesy Synaulia Music of Ancient Rome on your tour Audio
Circus Maximus is open to see the races!

See the Theatre of Marcellus' modern equivalent, the Sydney Olympics 2000 Stadium

Rome Web-Cam
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See how Rome looks now

See still images of Rome at www.pgw70.com

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Reconstruction of Caesarea Maritima
Reconstruction of the Temple of Vesta

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Check the guestbook if you want to listen to plays, and go to the seating areas at the times people are speaking People wishing to give presentations check the guestbook, put your topic and time down (US EST) and go to the stage to talk

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