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Pontius Pilots' arrival at Caesarea

Text Transcribed by Hatfield, R.O., The Letters of Pontius Pilot, Edited by W. P. CROZIER, retrieved December, 18, 2001 from

Transcribed by Hatfield, R.O. 'The Letters of Pontius Pilot'
"Congratulate me, my friend, for I have reached my 'province.' Wish me a quiet and uneventful term, without rebellion, droughts or tumults, so that I may earn promotion and in some higher post than this help to make history. I have left Procula on deck. She is wildly excited. She expected, I believe, to find tents and savages, and here is a city which looks, she says, almost as good as Naples. Certainly there is nothing Jewish about its appearance. The first thing we saw, from many miles out, was a temple of white, gleaming marble high up on a hill."(1)


"Then the outline of a great amphitheatre, also white. Next, as we came nearer, a tall, dark tower standing straight up, as it seemed, out of the water. We found that it was established on the end of a gigantic mole made of enormous blocks of stone."(1)


"I have seen nothing so striking as this mole in Italy. It runs out crescent-shaped, from the southern end of the city towards the north; it is several times as broad as any of our roads, with towers upon it and arches where seamen may lodge."(1)


"It projects so far towards the northern shore that it leaves only a narrow entrance from the open sea and within it is the haven of calm waters in which we now lie. The size of the stones is almost beyond belief, and how Herod contrived to get them here and have them hewn and plant them in position is more than I can understand. He must have searched all Asia and Africa for skilled engineers(1)".


(1) Hatfield, R.O., The Letters of Pontius Pilot, Edited by W. P. CROZIER, retrieved December 18, 2001 from
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