Logan used the information Lilith gave him to locate the next link in the trail to Sanctuary. The New You shop in Arcade. The sign hit the window in a sulphurous shower and withdrew, hit and withdrew into the darkness behind the black glass.THE NEW YOU....THE NEW YOU.....THE NEW YOU

Doc led him to the table 'So you want a new identity?' he asked. Logan would have his face changed on the table to avoid being recognized by the sandmen.

The table was a Mark J. Surgeon. Suspended over the flat bed was a glittering tangle of probes and pincers and scalpels, springs, clamps and needles. It could broaden shoulders, put on or take off weight or lay back flesh around a single nerve without nicking the sheath.

After Logan was clamped onto the table an alarm sounded. Doc had detected the Gun. 'You're a sandman!' With that Doc scrambled the machine and let it operate freely on Logan.

Logan managed to get his Gun hand free and smashed the scalpels descending on him. He unclamped himself from the table and started to struggle with Doc.

After killing Doc in the struggle, he found Jessica recovering from her face change in a side room. 'Doyle' is that you she asked Logan thinking he had had his face changed.'Yes' replied Logan, 'Let's go to Sanctuary' See the Animation




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