Logan knew he had only twenty four hours to live, then he'd have to report to a SleepShop.Logan picked up the silver punchkey from his bed. Runners say please;runners say help;runners say mercy;runners say don't. Doyle had said Sanctuary.

What if Sanctuary was a reality? If he could find Sanctuary-a place where runners were safe from the Gun- and destroy it, he'd be a hero!

He put the key into the Communideck and it lit up. A girl answered. She said to meet her at a party at Halstead.

At the party they were peeping, climbing outside the high rise towers of units to catch others in the act of lovemaking.

As they climbed outside and moved along the narrow ledge the great city was alive with snakes of light. He saw the rows of blinking glasshouses near Hurley Square and, beyond, the dazzle of Arcade. The firegalleries sent up their rose glow, staining the edge of the night sky. It was a long way down.

A police paravan ran its pinlight along the ledges. Keep in shadow said Lilith as they pressed in close to the stone. See the Animation




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